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Hayden Expedition – Obsidian Cliff

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 27, 1871)   The Hayden group arrived at Bottler’s Ranch after 38 days exploring the heart of the future national park.   (In Burning Ground, Graham travels south with Makawee and Rides Alone to Obsidian Cliff).   Because it can be honed to an exceptionally thin edge, the […]

Burning Ground available in audio!

I’m excited to announce the audio version of Burning Ground is available! The talented Michael Bauer did a wonderful job in bringing all the characters in my novel to life! Check it out on Amazon or Audible! Amazon_Burning Ground Audible_Burning Ground As part of my promotion, I’m giving away a FREE download of the 17-hour […]

Hayden Expedition – Two Ocean Pass

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 13, 1871) Doane leads Ferdinand Hayden and a small group on a multi-day excursion to locate the fabled “Two Ocean Pass”, originally reported by Jim Bridger. The waters from a creek on this plateau split: part of the flow eventually enters the Gulf of Mexico and part of […]

Marias Massacre – January 20, 1870

In a tragic case of mistaken identity, four companies led by Major Eugene Baker attack and slaughter over 170 innocent Piegan Blackfeet camped on the Marias River. Lieutenant Gustavus Doane is complicit, willingly and brutally ordering the murder of women and children.   Baker, Doane, and the other officers he commanded that day were never […]

Hayden Expedition – Castle Geyser

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 5, 1871) William Henry Jackson’s photographs of 1871 were instrumental in convincing Congress to pass the National Park Protection Act which set aside the area as a park. On this date he captured the crater of Castle Geyser using wet plate photography. Graham observed the skill of the […]

Hayden Expedition – Porcupine Hills

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 1, 1871) Mineralogist Albert Peale (who was also trained as a physician) took extensive temperature readings and samples of hot springs and other thermal features. Graham was recruited to assist Peale, who often made preliminary assessments via tasting the water.