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Cutthroat Trout Under Attack

Yellowstone National Park’s iconic cutthroat trout have been under attack from nonnative lake trout. “Osprey and eagle populations have nosedived around Yellowstone Lake where lake trout outcompete them for food. By 2010, the lake had maybe one osprey nest, down from 40 to 60 nesting pairs a decade earlier, said Todd Koel, leader of the […]

Yellowstone Panorama

150 years ago, the Hayden expedition explored this wondrous area of the Wyoming Territory! Join Graham Davidson as he travels back in time and joins the expedition, facing the perils of an uncharted wilderness while falling in love with a Crow woman.

Bows from Horns of Mountain Sheep

Did you know that the Mountain Shoshone (also known as Sheepeaters) lived and hunted in the Yellowstone region before the park was created in 1872?   They hunted bighorn sheep in the mountains, along with deer, elk and smaller mammals. Mountain Shoshone also manufactured bows from the horns of mountain sheep.   The Hayden Expedition […]

Hayden Expedition – 150th Anniversary!

This is the 150th anniversary of the Hayden expedition, a seminal event that led to the establishment of Yellowstone as our first national park. #burninggroundnovel places my protagonist in Hayden’s team as they traverse around Yellowstone Lake in 1871. Some of the pictures you see in this article are included in Burning Ground, since they […]