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Hayden Expedition – Shoshone Lake

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 6, 1871) The group crosses the Continental Divide for the first time as they ride from the Upper Geyser Basin toward the West Thumb. While camping at Shoshone Lake that evening, Graham and Makawee share a tender moment.

Hayden Expedition – Grand Prismatic Spring

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 4, 1871) Thomas Moran draws a watercolor sketch of the Grand Prismatic Spring (top view), which he titles “Great Springs of the Firehole River.” Graham is in awe of the artist’s immense talent and creativity in painting this iconic scene.  

Hayden Expedition – Tragedy at Firehole Spring

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 2, 1871) The Hayden group explored the Lower Geyser Basin. While everyone waited for Great Fountain Geyser to erupt, Graham and a soldier (Pvt. Foley) searched the area for nearby hot springs where Albert Peale could collect water samples. Tragedy ensued at Firehole Spring…

Hayden Expedition – Enroute to Lower Geyser Basin

On this day 150 Years ago! (July 31, 1871) A smaller group from Hayden’s team traveled from the lakeshore to the edge of the Lower Geyser Basin at Nez Perce Creek. An Odometer wagon was pulled behind a mule to measure distances. It was tough going in areas where dense lodgepole pines and many accumulated […]

Hayden Expedition – Visit to Stevenson Island

On this day 150 Years ago! (July 29, 1871) James Stevenson and artist Henry Elliott use the “Annie” to visit the island closest to the northern shore of Yellowsone Lake. Elliott sketches the island and names it after the Survey Manager. Graham learns how to fire a Spencer carbine.

Hayden Expedition – Annie Launched

On this day 150 Years ago! (July 28, 1871) The Hayden Expedition reaches Yellowstone Lake. They assemble a small boat and craft a sail from a horse blanket. The boat is named “Annie”. William Henry Jackson takes a photo of James Stevenson (Survey Manager for Ferdinand Hayden) and Chester Dawes (son of Representative Henry Dawes) […]

Hayden Expedition – Mud Volcano & Dragon’s Mouth

On this day 150 Years ago! (July 27, 1871) The Hayden Expedition reaches the Mud Volcano and Dragon’s Mouth on the west bank of the Yellowstone River. A young man from Pennsylvania is dazed and confused as he awakens to find he has been transported back in time from 1971 to 1871.

Hayden Expedition enters the future park

150 years ago today, the Hayden Expedition entered the future park near Mammoth Hot Springs. Over the next 38 days, I will be following the survey team around the park and periodically sharing excerpts from “Burning Ground”. Key events will also be highlighted through the eyes of the protagonist, Graham Davidson.