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Hayden Expedition – Norris Geyser Basin

On this day 150 years ago! (August 28, 1871)   The Hayden Expedition packed their wagons at Bottler’s Ranch and headed toward Fort Ellis.   (In Burning Ground, the trio of Graham, Makawee, and Rides Alone were captured by hostile Piegan Blackfeet. They were taken to a camp in Norris Geyser Basin. Graham was mistakenly […]

Hayden Expedition – Mammoth Bath Houses

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 26, 1871) The Hayden Expedition leaves the Mammoth Hot Springs area on the way back to Bottler’s Ranch, situated near Emigrant Peak. Two entrepreneurs (James McCartney and Harry Horr) had staked a claim to the springs and constructed crude bath houses. They charged visitors a fee for soaking […]

Hayden Expedition – Baronett’s Bridge

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 25, 1871)  The Hayden Expedition used Baronett’s bridge on the way to Mammoth Hot Springs.   Jack Baronett emigrated from Scotland and served as a scout for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He ventured to the Montana Territory in 1864 seeking his fortune in gold. When the […]

Hayden Expedition – Grizzly Attack!

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 22, 1871) The Hayden Expedition advances through the Pelican Valley in Yellowstone on their way north. (In Burning Ground, a sow grizzly with two cubs attacks Rides Alone – a Crow guide – while he is gutting a slain bison).

Hayden Expedition – Earthquake!

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 21, 1871) An earthquake awakened the Hayden Expedition members sleeping at Camp Hovey. The first shock lasted 20 seconds. It toppled some trees and caused the horses to spring to their feet, but no one was injured. (In Burning Ground, Makawee and Graham had to scramble from the […]

Hayden Expedition – Steamboat Point

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 20, 1871) Albert Peale and two other men from the Hayden team investigated the springs at Steamboat Point. Peale recorded in his diary that two of the steam jets were “emitting with great force and making a good bit of constant noise.” (In Burning Ground, Graham and Makawee […]

Hayden Expedition – Avalanche Peak

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 19, 1871) The Hayden Expedition is mapping and exploring the area from their base at Camp Hovey on the eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake. (In Burning Ground, a smaller group treks to the summit of Avalanche Peak, a few miles west of Sylvan Pass at today’s East Entrance).

Hayden Expedition – A secret unveiled

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 16, 1871)   Camp Hovey (named after the expedition’s surly wagon master) is established by the lake. Graham explains he is from 100 years in the future to a skeptical Makawee. They take shelter from a storm in an abandoned bear den.

Hayden Expedition – High Waves at Signal Point

On this day 150 Years ago! (August 15, 1871)   Soundings are taken on the eastern side of Yellowstone Lake near Signal Point. On a windy day that generates three-foot swells, the interim survey manager orders Graham and Alec Sibley to take the Annie onto the lake. It is a decision he will later regret…

Charging Grizzly

In this scene from Burning Ground, a Crow warrior is attacked by a sow grizzly as he field dresses a slain bison. The clip is an excerpt of the audiobook, which will soon be released!