Bitter Ground
The epic journey of a banished people
Book 3 of the Frontier Traveler Series
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126 Days. 1200 Miles. A fight for survival.

After Graham Davidson witnessed Custer’s defeat at Little Bighorn in June 1876, he wanted a place to raise his family away from the battles of the Great Sioux War.

Graham and Makawee travel with their two young children to northeast Oregon, hoping to find a home with the Nez Perce under Chief Joseph.

When several Indian bands refuse to abide by a treaty that forces them onto a reservation, their peaceful life in the Wallowa Valley is shattered.

Graham and his family join seven hundred Nez Perce in their flight from the US army in 1877.

The caravan makes a perilous trek through Idaho, Yellowstone National Park, and Montana. The exiled people hope to reach Canada, where Lakota Chief Sitting Bull and his followers have taken refuge. Military leaders are determined to capture or kill the Nez Perce before they cross the border.

Can Graham and Makawee’s love withstand the trials of this odyssey? Will they make it to freedom?

Or will they be among the casualties of the last Indian war?